New trailers: Skyscraper, I Am the Night, and more

New trailers: Skyscraper, I Am the Night, and more

I don’t entirely understand how it happened that ‘film analysis videos’ became such a big thing on YouTube. I suspect a lot of it is thanks to how fun and accessible Tony Zhou’s videos were — but even before him, creators like Kogonada (who went on to direct his own, acclaimed feature) were making film essays.

Nowadays, the genre is so big that there’s also a lot out there that… isn’t great. But this week, a film essay got posted that’s absolutely worth sharing: it’s an hour-and-a-half-long breakdown on film structure and how endings work from Michael Arndt, the screenwriter behind Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3.

I watched the entire thing over the past few days, and while I’ll be the first to admit that it’s really long, it’s also a fascinating watch and an interesting insight into how a seasoned screenwriter thinks. Arndt put up another video — a much shorter one — about how film setups work as well; it’s probably the better starting point because it’s so much shorter (just eight minutes). But both are worth a watch.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.


Everything about this movie looks ridiculous — but that’s also exactly why it works. There’s no pretense of seriousness here. There’s a basic goal. An obvious structure (a literal, titular skyscraper to be climbed).

And a hero who knows his situation is over-the-top ludicrous, but designed to be won. This is probably going to be a whole lot of fun. It comes out July 13th. Read More>>>

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