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New Details Of WhatsApp’s Upcoming App Revealed

New Details Of WhatsApp’s Upcoming App Revealed

New Details Of WhatsApp's Upcoming App Revealed

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world. The app that is now in the hands of Facebook allows us to communicate in just a few seconds with anyone, no matter where the other person is in the world. Such is its success that already has more than 1.2 billion users, everything a confectionery to make it profitable.

We knew that for a few months, WhatsApp is testing new ways to enable its users with businesses through this instant messaging service as long as they have verified accounts. In this line, the company has given a new turn of its business model: soon we will be able to choose if we want to receive specific business messages – other than advertising or spam – or to continue using WhatsApp as before. But what exactly is this new WhatsApp for the business called WhatsApp Business?

Companies that want to communicate with users through this free messaging service in the not too distant future will do so through this new Business app, the new application that will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices using a corporate profile.

WhatsApp Business is the next application of the Cupertino firm – yes, not Apple, it’s the social network giant Facebook. A new version of WhatsApp that differs little from the one already known in its appearance, but which hides dozens of exclusive functions.

For example, with WhatsApp Business, we can create a company profile – as a WhatsApp user – via a landline. And also, will have bots and automated messages, among other new possibilities with respect to the app we already knew.

The WhatsApp FAQ page has just been updated, and now brings more information about the WhatsApp Business, corporate version of the messenger. The registered accounts will have a different emblem on there profile when the profile is verified, only confirmed.

Announced in October, the app will work in parallel with the traditional WhatsApp and can be installed on the same device. The idea is that people can, finally, separate the personal life from the professional with regard to the use of the messenger, which requires a phone number to work. This number for the Business version can be another cell phone, or also a landline, which will be confirmed by WhatsApp to issue the emblem.

This is because an account that has been verified gives more credibility to the user who is contacting, since, just by looking at the corporate profile, you can know that the account is really authentic. The “confirmed” profile is given a different emblem for when WhatsApp can only confirm that the phone number is from the company it claims to be, a status that is a little below the “verified”. The other possible status is the “corporate account” provided for profiles that have not yet been verified.

WhatsApp Business is already being tested by a limited number of companies, who can download the app from the Google Play Store, where it will be available when it reaches the general public. Among its advantages, apart from separating professional and personal lives, are the simultaneous adaptation of the conversation, automatic responses and service statistics.

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