National Coffee Milkshake Day – July 26, 2019

National Coffee Milkshake Day – July 26, 2019

On National Coffee Milkshake Day on July 26, drink a cool beverage that will really hit the spot. It’s hot, you love ice cream and you can use a caffeinated, sugary boost. To your rescue comes the delicious, coffee milkshake — a product of sheer human culinary ingenuity. National Coffee Milkshake Day encourages you to enjoy a true coffee milkshake mixed with your favorite ice cream and coffee flavors. Discover the taste of summer!


National Coffee Milkshake Day – History


Rhode Island premieres the coffee milkshake

The pharmacy, Delekta’s, adds ice cream to coffee and milk to create coffee milkshakes.

Early 1900s

American milkshakes appear

They’re described as “wholesome drinks made with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla syrups” with ice cream added, of course.


Coffee comes to America

The Boston Tea Party protest prompts colonial American citizens to make the switch from tea to coffee as part of their patriotic duty.

Mid-15th Century

Coffee tree appears in Yemen

Coffee beans are finally exported from Ethiopia and cultivated in Yemeni Sufi monasteries.

850 AD

Coffee plant discovered in Ethiopia

An Abyssinian goatherd named Kaldi discovers goats eating coffee berries and brings them to local monks, who cultivate the plant and start chewing the berries for energy.

National Coffee Milkshake Day Activities

  1. Make up your own mouth-watering concoctions

    This is an easy one. Just find the recipe that works for you. Are you looking for recipes wih milk and coffee-flavored ice cream or for something entirely different, like instant hot coffee blended with chocolate? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur who insists on using cold-brewed coffee, top-shelf vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate syrup? Take your pick — but make it thick!

  2. Taste-test your recipe with friends

    Taste tests are the best. Uncover the nuances of what seems like an ordinary beverage recipe — coffee milkshakes. Get some cooking buddies together along with a few neutral tester-friends and blend up your individual coffee shake masterpieces. Find out which version wins the title of World’s Tastiest Coffee Milkshake.

  3. Indulge in a classic “coffee cabinet” at Delekta’s

    Delekta’s is an old-school soda fountain and pharmacy in Warren, Rhode Island. Delekta’s developed its version of a coffee milkshake sometime before World War II. Italian immigrants boosted coffee syrup production until it matched the state’s output of dairy production. Delekta’s eventually added ice cream to the coffee beverage. The folks at Delekta’s believe that the “coffee cabinet” hearkens back to the days when the drink’s inventor kept his blender and coffee syrup in an actual cabinet.

5 Global Coffee Milkshake Variations

  1. Italian Espresso

    Blend with home-brewed espresso and a drop of lemon extract.

  2. Vietnamese Coffee

    Blend coconut ice cream, sweetened with condensed milk and dark coffee ice cubes.

  3. Mexican Café de Olla

    Use dark-roasted coffee, cinnamon and orange extract.

  4. Moroccan Coffee

    Use coffee with cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

  5. Tennessee Coffee

    Add an ounce each of Irish Cream, coffee liqueur and whiskey to your shake………Read More>>


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