International Waffle Day – March 25, 2019

International Waffle Day – March 25, 2019

International Waffle Day was first celebrated in Sweden, and soon spread like batter tall over the world. It started as a yearly tradition on March 25, a day which the people of Sweden celebrate Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”), a religious holiday nine months before Christmas, that sounds similar to the Swedish word for waffle (Våffeldagen). With no direct relation to the religious holiday, this delicious celebration is an international hit.


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International Waffle Day Activities

Host an international waffle brunch

Invite your friends over for a festive brunch. The main dish? Waffles! Have everyone bring a topping that is unique to a specific country, and enjoy the flavors from around the world.

Have a waffle eating contest

Start the morning by having a waffle eating contest at your home. Use the original, plain waffles to allow for more to be consumed and the mess on the table to a minimum. The winner gets bragging rights, until the stomach ache subsides.

Organize community waffle day

Contact your local food bank and see if you can organize a special waffle breakfast for the community in need. It’s a great way to provide a quick and delicious meal to numerous people who may not have a warm meal to eat.

Why We Love International Waffle Day

They are a tasty treat

The simplicity of the waffle is one to enjoy from time to time. The sweet and fragrant batter makes for a standalone hit for your tastebuds—no need for toppings, the waffle is delicious just as is.

They allow options for the indecisive

Unlike their cousin, the pancake, the waffle design is a great canvas for those who like options. The multiple ridges and sections allow for an array of options when choosing your toppings, and also help keep toppings separated

They are easy to make

Most waffle mixes call for three ingredients at the most, and the cooking process is faster than you would expect, thanks to the waffle iron. This unique tool makes the perfect waffle, every time (no flipping required).


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