Here are the 5 best Amazon deals right now

Here are the 5 best Amazon deals right now

Every day is a new opportunity to come across an amazing deal on something you’ve needed or wanted to buy. But it can be hard to find the deals that are actually worthwhile. You will have to sort through amazing discounts on crappy products and crappy discounts on amazing products to find a solid discount or offer on something you’ll actually be glad you bought.


We are here to help. We go through all of Amazon’s best deals of the day, Lightning Deals, and other offers, as well as searching far and wide across the internet for awesome sales at various retailers, whether they’re categorical, product-specific, or sitewide. Using our product expertise and deal-hunting skills and talents, we dig deeper to determine if a sale is actually as good as it seems to bring you only the best sales on products that work as well or better than advertised. Here are today’s top offers:

1. Under $40: A heated massager because you deserve it

Self care is super important, but shelling out big bucks to get a massage is out of the question for most of us. If you still want to pamper yourself and can’t just go “window shop” at Brookstone to try out their massage chairs all the time, one of today’s Deals of the Day is worth checking out. You can find two different neck/back/leg/foot massagers for $32-$40, about 20% off their original prices, as well as a vibrating foam roller and a foot massager.

The cheaper model has over 7,800 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, so it’s definitely a well-loved option. But if you spend $8 more, you can get one with twice as many nodes (the little balls that roll around and make you feel amazing). Either option is sure to be a win, whether you keep it at the office or use it at home.

2. Under $100: Lights you can control from your phone

If you haven’t already switched from incandescent to LED bulbs, this deal is a great chance to not only start the transition but do so with bulbs that give you even more bang for your buck. Philips Hue lights are smart, which means you can control them from your phone or via Alexa or Google Assistant or HomeKit. They’re the best smart bulbs we’ve ever tested, and right now you can get a starter kit with two bulbs and a hub for just $100, a third off the regular price. The color bulbs are especially fun because you can make them any shade of any color right from your phone.

3. Under $120: Our favorite Echo device

If you’ve been curious what it’s like to have an Alexa device in your home, this sale is a great chance to try one out. Amazon recently announced that they’re updating a few models (the Echo Plus, the Dot, and the Show), and as such, they’re discounting a bunch of Alexa devices to make room for the new ones. You can save on a bunch fo Echo products, including a refurbished first-gen. Echo Plus, the Kids Edition Dot, and even a refurbished 1st-gen. Echo for you diehard tech collectors. But the one we’re most excited about is the Echo Spot, which is not being replaced with a new model this year.

While we do rank the 2nd-gen Echo as the best overall Alexa speaker, the Echo Spot’s display adds a new dimension to how you can interact with Alexa by displaying alerts and playing videos and making video calls to anyone with an Alexa-enabled smart display or the Alexa app. It’s usually $30 more than the regular Echo, which is why it didn’t take the top spot when we ranked all the Amazon smart speakers. But right now, it’s $20 less than usual, putting it just $10 more than the Echo and making it a great time to pick one up.

4. Under $35: A wireless charging bundle to upgrade your home

If you have a phone that can charge wirelessly, and you don’t already own a wireless charger, what the heck are you waiting for?! If it’s a good deal, I found one for you. Anker may not make the best wireless chargers we’ve ever tested, but their options are formidable, especially for the price. Right now, you can get a bundle of a charging pad and charging stand for just $32.99, 34% less than usual.

The charging stand is great for a desk or in the kitchen where you might want to reference your phone while it charges. And if you have an iPhone X/XS/XR, it’ll be perfect for face ID. The charging pad is great for coffee tables, bedside tables, and other places where you might want your phone handy but aslo need a charge. They don’t support fast wireless charging, but are still great for a battery boost. And if you want to plug them into the wall, you’ll need a separate USB wall adapter, but I’d bet you have at least one lying around the house already.

5. Under $50: A set of All-Clad frying pans

We tried out all the best nonstick pans to see how they performed. All-Clad, while it didn’t receive top honors, did have the pan with the fastest warm-up time of everything we tested. And it’s one of those brands that lasts a lifetime and will make your guests ooh and ahh when they set foot in your kitchen. But with that brand name tends to come a hefty price. Right now, however, you can get two All-Clad nonstick frying pans, an 8-inch and a 10-inch, for just under $50. This set typically costs $60, and has only been lower than this sale price (by about $3) once last year, so it’s a great time to buy.





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