Beware: Fake WhatsApp is stealing user information

Beware: Fake WhatsApp is stealing user information

The application called ‘WhatsApp Plus’, which is not developed or authorized by Facebook-owned WhatsApp, has been found to be dangerous for the users. According to The Indian Express, researchers at an American internet security company ‘Malwarebytes’ have discovered that users of WhatsApp Plus are risking their smartphones.

Apart from pulling out user data, such as name, mobile number and shared media, WhatsApp Plus replaces the data with malware. Upon downloading the app, the user is redirected to a webpage written in Arabic.

You can now spy on your WhatsApp friends with this app

The application attracts its users by giving them a lot of features. It lets the user send more than 100 pictures at once to contacts. High quality media could be sent via the app. Also, double ticks, blue ticks, online status, writing or typing notification can be hidden. Hiding your name while viewing someone’s status can also be done through the app.

The alleged malicious application is supposedly misusing access to personal information on the phone. The app is not available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store but, can be accessed through comments on forums and blogs online, reported Techradar.

In a blogpost, one of the researchers at the Malwarebytes said, “No matter the true author or origin of this fake WhatsApp, I suggest sticking with the real WhatsApp on Google Play.”


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