5 Best Selfie Apps To Give Your Selfies A Professional and Charming Look

5 Best Selfie Apps To Give Your Selfies A Professional and Charming Look

Selfies are great! Right? At least for good looking people *ugh*. Jokes apart, the selfie trend is the latest rage, and daily millions and millions of selfies are uploaded on the various social media platforms, but how many of them are the perfect one?


Everyone wants their selfie to look perfect, and that is the reason today we are going to tell you about the best selfie apps that can totally change your selfie game forever.

Get ready to make your selfies look more professional.


There are tons of effects and filters with which you can play around. Even if you don’t have a good front selfie camera then also this app can optimize it to some level to gain more clarity and deepness. Also, the smart effects feature actually pushes the personally loved filter to the top so that you don’t have to mess with the settings to find the filter out.

There are many emoji filters available, so that your social media uploads look more social.

The app interface is also very clean and subtle, quick access to all the effects and filters are available with just one swipe.

2. Retrica

This is one of the most loved selfie apps ever. The reason for its popularity is because of the number of the filters available inside the app. This app probably has the most number of filters and effects that any selfie app has ever featured.

Yeah, now you are ready to rock the world! But wait, we have something for iPhone users as well.

3. YouCam- Selfie

The best selfie app that any iPhone users can ever have. Tons of high-quality effects make this app a must-have for any iPhone users as well as Android users. The app is easy to use and also has multiple face editing that allows the user to edit faces according to their need.

Also, the magazine cover is probably the most loved filter of this app, and a must try too. The app is also available on Android too.

Isn’t it amazing?

4. Candy Cam

Filters, stickers, beauty mode, collage mode, you name it, and this app has it. The effects are also every attractive and polished. I am not a selfie guy, but during testing also, this was the app that I loved the most basically due to the interface and the quality of the filters and effects.

For those who love taking selfies but hesitate to take when in public, this is the app for you. The app comes with a silent selfie feature which allows you to take pictures without anyone noticing.

5. Snapseed

I know this is not a selfie app, but just an app with the basic level editing which can make a big difference in your clicks. You will not get instant effects while taking selfies but if you are not in a hurry to upload the pictures instantly, then this is a good choice. This app is basically a photoshop of your phone; you can really do some pro-level editing and make your pictures look like a DSLR click.

A list of some of the effects and filters available on the app, though the developer’s team provides regular updates. A few of the effects that became my personal favorite while testing are face pose, HDR scape, healing tool, and if you are a selfie addict then you must try this app, and I ensure you that you are going to have a great time.

Now you are all set to take amazing selfies. Oh! not this but…

Like this..

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